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9 Beaches, Bermuda's most casual resort is spread over 18 private waterfront acres on the western-most tip of Bermuda.

We're Close!
Bermuda is about 2 hours from major U.S. East Coast cities and the flying is non-stop.

Once you clear customs, you will need transportation to take you from the airport to 9 Beaches. By special arrangement with Bermuda Reservation Services, a local transportation company, you can arrange your roundtrip transfer from as little as $55 per person. Telephone Toll Free 1-800-637-4116, Direct 1-441-236-1663, or email reservations@bspl.com

GETTING TO 9 Beaches

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BERMUDA FAST FACTS - weather, currency, time zone, transportation, and more

Great Weather!
Bermuda is known for its enjoyable and mild weather with the average annual high temperature being 75°F, and the average low 68°F, and the constant humidity which spreads the rainfall evenly throughout the year.

There is so much to see and do while in Bermuda, the question is where to begin. Fortunately we've made it easy for you with a comprehensive Bermuda Guide of top things to see or visit on your next trip to beautiful Bermuda.

A Little Background on Bermuda

Millions of years ago, an undersea volcano erupted in the Atlantic Ocean, creating what is now known as the beautiful 150 islands of Bermuda.

Today, Bermuda stands as the oldest self-governing British Colony.

Although the discovery of Bermuda was in 1503 by Juan de Bermudez, the development of Bermuda began 107 years later, when a ship of English colonists was shipwrecked on Bermuda's shore.

The survivors completed their journey to Virginia, and their enchantment with the islands led to the establishment of the New World's second colony by the Virginia Company in London.

In 1684, the islands became a British crown colony.

From there on, the magic of Bermuda's pink sand beaches, colorful cottages, and blue skies have enchanted more than just a few shipwrecked Englishmen.

With a population of roughly 62,997, the islands are the ideal paradise for swimming, snorkeling, diving, sailing, strolling along the beautiful beaches lining the coast, and maybe even catching a glimpse of Gombey dancing, an art form unique to Bermuda.

Top 15 Things to Do in Bermuda

(outside of the fabulous water sports at 9 Beaches!)

  1. South Shore Park
  2. Snorkeling - Church Bay & Tobacco Bay
  3. Diving (various ship wrecks such as the Constellation)
  4. Spittal Pond Nature Reserve
  5. Crystal Caves
  6. Royal Navy Dockyard
  7. Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, & Zoo
  8. Bermuda Maritime Museum
  9. Parishes
  10. Hamilton - Front Street
  11. Bermuda Railway Trail
  12. Bermuda National Gallery
  13. Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
  14. Botanical Gardens
  15. Cricket/Golf/Horseback Riding

Prominent writers, authors, and performers have been known to spend their days on the islands, such as Michael Douglas, Eugene O'Neill, Noel Coward, James Thurber, Georgia O'Keefe, and Winslow Homer just to name a few.


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